You'll love the Millwood Cabinets difference ...

Homeowners, builders and remodelers love the Millwood Cabinets difference. We're certain you will, too! We offer custom top-quality cabinets at factory-direct prices.

Compare and see why Millwood Cabinets are your best choice in cabinetry:

  • Free installation
  • Finished or unfinished
  • Top grade materials
  • Great selection
  • Custom made to fit
  • On-site design
  • All plywood (premium) or particle board (standard) boxes
  • Plywood backs
  • Dadoed joints for strength
  • Concealed hinges
  • Unparalleled quality & service

Why buy an inferior cabinet when you can get the superior craftsmanship of a Millwood Cabinet at factory-direct prices? Compare the features below with other custom cabinets on the market. We think you'll agree ... Millwood Cabinets is the only choice for your home!

  1. All plywood constructed box (no particle board or masonite). The cabinet ends, shelves and backs in our cabinets are the same color plywood. Competitors use as many as three different types of wood in cabinet boxes (plywood or particle board, masonite, and white pine). This results in three different colors.
  2. Millwood Cabinets premium boxes are constructed of all plywood (premium). We offer a standard grade particle board box as an economy line.
  3. Premium Grade boxes have 1/4" plywood backs. Standard grade boxes have 1/8" masonite backs.
  4. Top Grade Materials. We use the best grade (FAS or equivilant) materials available for making face frames, drawer fronts, and doors for cabinets in our best efforts to insure even and matching color for a better finish. Many competitors use second and third grade materials. These grades have dark and light materials and even knots making it impossible to get a good finished look.
  5. Amerock fully-concealed four-way adjustable hinges. Standard on our cabinets.
  6. No nail or staple holes in face frames. We glue and fasten each cabinet to the face frame from the back. There are no staple or nail holes to putty and stain. Competitors fasten all face frames to boxes from the front leaving unsightly nail and staple holes that have to be filled and stained.
  7. Dadoed top & bottom shelves and end panels. We dado all top and bottom shelves and end panels into face frames. Glue is inserted into the dado and then fastened from the back with fasteners. This insures strength and stability. Most competitors do not dado end panels into face frames. They eliminate that step and nail face frames directly to the box.
  8. Half shelves on base cabinets. We install a half shelf in every base cabinet giving the user more versatility and visibility. Almost all competitors install a full shelf in bases and vanities. This causes poor visibility and poor usage.

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