Production Schedule ...

After the job has been field measured and discussed, the Millwood Cabinet representative will return to the office, develop a design and price, and inform the customer. The customer will instruct us to proceed, or to hold for further instructions.

When Millwood Cabinets has received authorization to proceed, the cabinets are drawn on our CAD system and forwarded, along with a contract, for presentation and signature to the customer.

The contract must be signed and dated, each page of the drawings must be initialed and dated, and Millwood Cabinets, LLP must be in receipt of the deposit before the cabinets will be put in our production schedule.

The design representative from Millwood Cabinets, LLP will remeasure each job after the drawings have been approved by the customer. This is done before the cabinets are put into production in order to reduce the possibility of mistakes being made. This allows for almost all jobs to be 100% complete on the date of installation. This insures that our customers receive trouble free installations and allows the completion of the job to keep moving forward.

Production, Installation and Service

Second to None ...

  • Production time at Millwood Cabinets, LLP is normally 3-5 weeks. Production schedules vary with work load and customer schedules.
  • Cabinets are completely installed within 1-2 days after delivery. If changes or mistakes have been made, the corrections will be made in a very timely manner in an effort to keep construction on schedule.
  • Service calls are made within 1-3 days. We rarely have a backlog of service calls in our files.

On Quality, On Quantity, On Time, On Price

The Millwood Advantage...

You receive a professional approach to business, installation and service second to none, and all at a price much lower than you expect.

Hopefully, this information has sparked your interest to give us an opportunity to bid a job for you. If so, give us a call at 903-567-3333. You will be glad you did. We will not waste your time.

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